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CEDIMA Mezimesti s.r.o. can offer our partners a great extent of engineering production ranging from the CNC machining, mechanic and tinsmith’s work, welding in shielding atmosphere up to the top-quality surface finish and assembly work. We specialize in manufacturing smaller machines, welded structures and frames using precisely shaped laser-cut parts.


The company Culligan is a leader in water branch of industry mainly in the area of innovation and services. More than 70 years, it has been projecting and manufacturing appliances for purication of water, mainly its softening, filtration, desalting or dosing of chemicals.

CVS Development

The company CVS Development has been developing and implementing CMS and web applications for internet and intranet since its founding in 2004. It implements its own solution concepts for its customers, with emphasis placed on the individual communications of the firm, long-term financial savings and the simplification of various processes.

Czech Trade

The Czech Trade Promotion Agency was established by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic in May 1997. Our main objective is to promote the internationalization of Czech companies by facilitating their cooperation links with foreign enterpreneurs.


GEOtest, a.s. is one of the biggest Czech firms dealing with protection of the environment and geology. The company is a reliable partner with over 40year tradition and experienced staff incl. experts with long international experience.


GET Ltd. is a consulting firm active since 1992. Conducting projects on development of natural resources worldwide. Identification of geological hazards and risk assessment, assurance of safe groundwater supply in the framework of disaster preparedness. Support of post-disaster reconstruction by assuring supply of water and mineral resources.

Mini Media Services

Advertising and media world. is a small Czech advertising and media company been on the market since year 2005. Thanks to our own technical background access to customers always with a unique view. create real things of your ideas.

Mobile Packaging System

Mobile Packaging System, s.r.o., is a sole manufacturer and a distributor of mobile technology used for purification and packaging of water and other liquids into durable foil bags that are safe for health, and volume variable. It has a great potential for countries affected by frequent earthquakes, foods and other natural disasters.


PERICULUM is a non-governmental organization focusing on generally beneficial activities in the area of general safety, criminality and risk behavior prevention, injury and illness prevention, pre-medical first aid, health protection, and road safety. Its main activities involve education, humanitarian and development aid.

Prague Management International

Prague Management International s.r.o. organized the project called “Collection, gathering and buying up used vegetable oil” from the household and the canteens. That vegetable oil is worked on a refining line after that and than is supplied like biofuel for carriers and manufacturers of requiredreceipts to fossil fuel. The company is occupied with an alteration of diesel engines and cogeneration units for a propulsion with vegetable oil.

Viking group

Viking group s.r.o. is occupied by removal and disposal of used food oil from restaurants and dining (dining rooms), food factory and from establishment catering services. This company liquidates solid and stiffened fats as well. Used oil and fats are processed on different ecological products after sorting, so that our activity is ecological from each point of view.